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宋颖 - 仁济医院(在2012年6月1日-8月31日到美国进修)

First of all, I want to express my sincere thanks to you for your help in various fields including the financial support from the Chinese Lifeline Express Foundation to offer me the opportunity of the ICO Fellowship Training in Vitreous and Retinal Diseases at the Wheaton Eye Clinic in US under supervision of Prof. Richard G. Gieser from June 1, 2012 till August 31, 2012.
During the 3 months, I have made every attempt to learn more about ophthalmology, as well as American culture.
Dr. Gieser used to teach in the Department of Ophthalmology at Loyola University. He is a very experienced teacher with in-depth knowledge and great patience. I followed him to examine every one of his patients by slit lamp, indirect and direct ophthalmoscopes, then discussed the results of color photos, FAs, OCTs, ICGAs, or visual fields with him. He showed me step-by-step how to give a complete detailed physical examination and how to choose and analyze the necessary associated ancillary tests to get a proper diagnosis and to guide the treatment of a patient. He shared a lot of interesting cases he has collected in his professional career with me. At the same time, he has given me more than 20 quizzes covering almost all the common retinal diseases, from which I have learned not only the diseases themselves, but how to continue to study as well.
Besides Dr. Gieser, there are four other retina specialists in the Wheaton Eye Clinic. They have helped me a lot and were willing to share their experiences without reserve. I watched intravitreal injections, photocoagulations, and PDTs done by Dr. Gieser and Dr. Anderson. I observed all kinds of retinal surgical procedures performed by Dr. Fenton, Dr. Jon Gieser, and Dr. Daily. Furthermore, I am really touched by the other specialists of cornea, cataract, and glaucoma who always welcomed me to watch their surgeries and answered my questions.
During the course of the training, I attended the 23rd Annual Loyola Ophthalmology Resident-Alumni/Mission Day, in which I learned about researches in the Loyola Ophthalmology Department and international mission work for eye care professionals. In the meantime, Dr. Daily provided me the DVDs of Annual Midwest Ocular Angiography Conference from 2003 to 2012, which showed me how to deal with a number of difficult miscellaneous diseases, along with lots of professional books, journals, and teaching materials. I was impressed by the strict systematic and flexible enlightening models of resident education, the communication and cooperation between ophthalmologists as well as other physicians, the good relationship between doctors and patients, and the advanced instruments and medications.
In view of my first time to US, Dr. Gieser placed me in the home with Ms. Irving, who has been his assistant in the clinic for 40 years. She is a very kind, helpful and thoughtful lady. She cooked for me, drove me to anywhere I wanted, took me to all her family activities, and helped me to communicate with others. She and several ladies in her church even made time to accompany me to Chicago.
In addition, Dr. Anderson invited me to enjoy one of her family activities to an outdoor exhibition in Hinsdale. Dr. Gieser took me to several concerts held in his house, Grace Lutheran Church, and Millennium Park with Dr. Lafayette. And I took part in several staff activities, such as visiting the Tree House Tales, looking around Dr. Brazis’s beautiful pond, and enjoying a couple of celebrating dinners.
In a word, it is indeed an impressive and fantastic experience to me. I really benefit a great deal from it. And I will try my best to practice what I have learned when I go back to China.
Again, I do appreciate your support and every effort you have done for me. You form bridges between the ophthalmologists from China and other countries to make my dream come true. I hope more and more ophthalmologists may benefit from you. I wish the Chinese Lifeline Express Foundation a bright future. 

Best regards,
Ying Song
Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine 

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