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齐虹 - 北京大学眼科中心 北京大学第三医院(在2013年4月- 6月到美国进修)

I have finished my 3 months' ICO Fellowship Training sponsored by the International Accounting Firm Pricewaterhousecoopers. I appreciated your generous supporting, with which I could have the opportunity to learn in one of the best ophthalmology centers in the world and step further in my ophthalmological career.

My host was Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary/Harvard Medical School (MEEI), my supervisor was Dr. Reza Dana and my subspecialty was Cornea and Ocular Surface Diseases. I involved in both clinical and research activities. For clinical activities, I observed in the clinic and in the operating room. I attended the Chief Resident Rounds, the Grand Rounds, the Resident Lecture Series, the Harvard Cornea Center of Excellence - Visiting Professor Rounds 4 hours/week. For research activities, I attended Harvard Cornea Center of Excellence Visiting Professor Lecture Series, Trainees' Work-in-Progress Seminar, Cornea & Ocular Surface Research Videoconference and lab meeting of Dr. Dana's lab once a week. I attended Dr. Lawrence Rand "Journal Club" and the party for MEEI gratuated ophthalmology residents and fellows. I gave a half an hour's presentation in Dr. Dana's lab meeting about what I have done and what I was doing in my clinical and research works. I could exame the patients directly in the clinic and during the grand rounds. I learned a lot in the clinical, research and teaching works, especially the ideas and ways. This will benefit my future works in Peking University.

Dr. Dana and MEEI provided me a good opportunity to be trainned there. The fellowship provided me a good chance to improve my knowledge and skill in Cornea and Ocular Surface Diseases. It is very important and helpful to my professional development. With what I have learned, I will try my best to cure the patients correctly and effectively. I will teach what I have learned to my colleagues and work hard for my home institution and home country. 

Dr. Qi Hong

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